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Setina K-9 Systems - Ultimate K-9

ULTIMATE K-9 - Cargo & Single Prisoner

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Ultimate K-9


Proven Value In The Field


Not all K-9 Units are created equal. Some allow your K-9 partner to ride behind you in the back seat, giving you quick and easy access when you need critical assistance. When parked alongside a busy highway however, it may not be such a great idea to allow your partner to jump right out into traffic. Other Units solve this problem by placing a kennel in the cargo area of your SUV, but sacrifice storage for safety.

The Ultimate K-9 by Setina allows you to have it all. Two access points allow quick deployment when you need it the most, and an alternate exit to ensure the safety of your friend and companion. Only Setina offers all this from your K-9 Unit plus space to transport a single prisoner safely and securely.