The Body Guard

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#10-XL  XL “Xtra Legroom” Design


XL Models Include Lower Extension Panels

Horizontal Sliding Model with Polycarbonate Window 


• 3-Piece Sliding Polycarbonate Window Design  

• Available with ¼” Coated Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate

   “Lexan” or clear Uncoated Polycarbonate window

• Locking Horizontal Sliding Center Window

• Aluminum Window Frame mounted inside the radius of the

   main roll bar type steel framework, with No Protrusions into

   the rear seat area

• Rubber-Covered, Spring-Loaded Locking Assembly

• Rubber Padded Vertical Window Support Bars

• Heavy Duty, Rubber Padded, Roll Bar Type Steel Framework

   reinforces vehicles B-pillar

• Maximum Driver Legroom

• Open Contour Design, provides Maximum Prisoner Legroom,

   with No Foot Obstructions, for Easier Prisoner

   Loading and Unloading

• Recessed Storage Panel accommodates Firearms Mounting

   Systems and other Accessories

• Heavy Duty Steel Seat Back Protector Panel

• Rugged Zinc-Free Powder Coat Finish

• Quick, Easy Installation

• Easily Transferable, with Simple Mounting Bracket Change

• Tall Man Option: Adds an extra 2″ of recline to the officer’s

   seat. Designed for vehicles with Setina OEM Replacement

   Seat. Available for Utility, Sedan, and Charger.

Protect Your Investment



Coated Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate, LEXAN™, etc. is the standard in Setina “BodyGuard” partitions and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to our customers. The scratch resistant coating prolongs the life and clarity of the polycarbonate and is backed by a 10-year limited warranty against yellowing, abrasion, breakage and coating failure. Our Coated Polycarbonate is Completely Transparent, allowing for Maximum Driver Visibility.

Precision Mounting is a Critical Part of Our Design



Setina is devoted to Constant Research and Technological Advances to engineer cutting edge mounting designs. Our Superior Mounting Systems are designed for Quick, Easy Installation, mounting to the strongest points inside the vehicle, creating our Space-Saver efficiency for maximum driver and passenger legroom.


Suspended Mounting Design

Products Proudly Designed, Manufactured And Assembled In The U.S.A.