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Setina Difference - Company History

John Setina, Founder 1962

Inventor, Craftsman, Lawman, Businessman
Setina Manufacturing Company, Inc. was founded in 1962 by John R. Setina. Mr. Setina had 17 years previous experience as a Vehicle Repair Specialist with the Washington State Patrol Automotive Division. John had also owned his own body repair business when the State Patrol recognized his expertise and recruited him.While performing his duties in designing and building roll bars for the Washington State Patrol Cadet Driver Training Program, John saw the need for officer protection while transporting prisoners, as well as the need to reinforce the vehicle in the event of an accident.With John’s extensive background in vehicle body repair and knowledge of vehicle structure, he designed the first Setina product. Setina Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Setina Manufacturing Company, Inc. has very strong leadership. Terry Setina, President and Judy Setina, Vice President have both been an integral part of the company for over thirty years.As President, Terry Setina has executive production responsibilities and oversees the entire manufacturing process to ensure only the highest quality products are produced. In addition to production, Terry oversees Setina Manufacturing Company’s design department, as well as product research and development.Judy Setina, Vice President and CFO, has executive administrative responsibilities and oversees the sales, marketing and accounting departments for the company. In addition to a strong core of executive leadership, Setina Manufacturing Company’s outstanding workforce has unsurpassed experience in the industry.

Bodyguard Police Vehicle Protection
Bodyguard Partitions incorporate a roll bar type framework with various polymer window configurations. Mr. Setina applied for his first patent in 1963. That was the first Police Vehicle Partition Patent of its type awarded by the U.S. Patent Office. Since that original patent, John and Terry Setina have been awarded many other patents in over 50 years of designing and manufacturing law enforcement vehicle equipment.

Setina is the original manufacturer of law enforcement vehicle Partitions, and our designs continue to set today’s industry standards.