K-9 Transport Essentials
The Standard for K-9 Transport

The Ultimate K-9

Maximum Space for Large Working Dogs

Every design element and consideration when developing the Ultimate K-9 was made with you, your K-9 partner, and other passengers in mind. Setina’s Ultimate K-9 brings all of these vehicle transportation considerations together, maximizing the space in the vehicle for the dog as well as providing ample room for passenger transportation. When given a complex design problem, we provide a dynamic yet simple solution.

Essential Features for Reliable & Secure Transport

Critical Considerations for every Component

Setina’s Ultimate K-9 is loaded with design features and considerations at every turn. Setina makes these considerations with exact purpose, ensuring that each feature focuses on providing additional strength, security, functionality, or comfort. Each component posed it’s own set of unique problems, questions, and ideals. Our team critically designed each one, finding ways for the component to function optimally with the product as a whole, and all the while continuing to discover unchallenged barriers to go beyond the industry standard.

Ultimate K-9 – Front View

What's Included:

1. K-9 Unit Side Exit

– Available on either Passenger or Driver-side


2. Easy-Load Steps for your K-9


3. K-9 Unit Rear Exit

–  Additional exit prohibits spare tire access


4. Removable 1 1/2″ thick, padded non-skid rubber floor mat


5. High-strength aluminum alloy divider with ventilation slots


6. Aluminum Window Barriers

–  One K-9 Window (Fan Options Available)

–  One prisoner window barrier


7. Aluminum Door Guards


8. Polycarbonate Rear Cargo Barrier


9. Requires “XL” Xtra Legroom or “RP” Recess Panel Partition

 –  Multiple Partition Window Styles Available

* Premier K-9 Electronics Available
–  Not Included  Learn More

Ultimate K-9 – Front View

Ultimate K-9 – Back View

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