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Successfully executed distributor query.
The following new distributors were created:

  • Distributor name: CROWN NORTH AMERICA

271 distributors were updated.
Connection to Setina remote database was successful
5659 total parts were found in Setina remote database
33 product codes found in Setina remote database
0 bar types were found.
The following parts needed to be updated:


  • [price] updated from: “0” to “379”


  • [price] updated from: “” to “419”

2 new parts were found and added to assimilation queue:

  • BK2047CGR15PB8
  • TK0231EPL20

No parts were deprecated
No pending parts were deleted
No parts were revived (un-deprecated)
Nightly build took 3 minutes and 33 seconds to complete

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