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Firearms and Electronics Storage Tray

For Your Rear Cargo Storage System

Setina’s Trunk Tray was designed to be a perfect addition to your Rear Cargo Storage Box. By adding this lower trunk tray with firearm mounting and electronics storage capabilities, you are creating even more versatility to an already multi-tiered storage unit. Setina works to make every product extremely compatible and customizable, so you don’t have to compromise.

The Rear Cargo Box is fully customizable with any lock and drawer configuration you choose. From pull out to lift top drawers, electronic and manual locking systems, Setina has the perfect combo. The Rear Cargo Storage Box is also heavy-duty, light weight, and easily installed. The Rear Cargo Storage box is designed for SUV’s only.

Trunk Tray shown with
Firearms & Electronics (not included)

Compatible with Your Cargo Storage Systems

The Setina Trunk tray is designed to utilize minimal space in the vehicle’s trunk. By attaching a sliding tray to the underside of the rear deck, it provides a secure location for radio equipment and other tactical gear while leaving most of the trunk open for other equipment.

• Heavy-Duty, stainless steel Ball Bearing Slide Rails w/18″ of Slide Travel


• Heavy-duty, light weight Aircraft Grade Aluminum with Steel, High Capacity Lock-In, Lock-Out drawers


• One Piece Welded Design


• 150lb. Tray Capacity


• Tray Dimensions: 18″ x 36″ x 3″


• Two levels of height adjustment with Three Lock Positions


• Modular Half Tray Design Available


• Optional ventilated cover for radio equipment safety

Single Deck Storage Box

Easy Rear Cargo Storage for SUVs

After the success of our Cargo Storage Box, we knew the best option was to use it as a benchmark when expanding our storage offerings. Using the same quality materials & high standard of technology & design, we’ve developed a line of single cargo storage boxes tailored specifically for your fleet’s mid to full-sized SUVs.

When it comes to cargo storage, sometimes it’s all about finding a perfect balance. Not too much, but just enough. To meet this middle ground, we’ve developed one strong, simple box with maximum storage capacity and dependable locking capabilities.

Lift Top Deck Mount with Combi Lock

Modular Design

Lift-top and slide out drawers available. Multiple drawer compartments on select styles to maximize organization.

Materials and Construction

Constructed using light-weight aircraft-grade aluminum. Lighter for better gas mileage & preserving vehicle suspension and driving characteristics. Stronger corrosion resistance. Finished with a black powder coat for an extra layer of protection & professional appearance.

Drawer Deck Mount with Combi and Key Lock

The Cargo Tray is a Category of Its Own

A Simple way to tackle Cargo Storage

Create more space and maximize its potential. This is the driving force behind all of Setina’s cargo storage designs, and a key component to our success. The Cargo Storage Tray is an embodiment of this principle, but with even more design considerations made especially for law enforcement.

The Cargo Storage tray not only provides more strategically designed space for your equipment, but also adds an extra layer of security for the rest of your gear. It mounts just below the rear cargo area windows of your vehicle, allowing it to protect any radio equipment, firearms, or other gear from potential break-ins.


  • Requires #12 Rear Cargo Partition, Sold Seperately

Cargo Tray - no lid


Choose either an open tray or cargo tray lid for an extra layer of security for additional gear.


Strategically mounts to the strongest points of the storage area for a secure, rattle-free design. Sits right below the cargo area windows for gear protection.


Lighter for better gas mileage and preserving vehicle suspension and driving characteristics. Stronger corrosion resistance.

Cargo Tray - with lid

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