Equipment for the Whole Team
The Ultimate Dog in K-9 Transport

Products that Compliment Your Skill

Advanced Engineering for Your K-9 Team

It’s been our mission to provide law enforcement with products that allow them to outfit their vehicles in the most efficient way possible, with every feature and necessity exactly where they need them. And when it comes to your K-9 partner, we know you expect more. So we’re giving you all that… and then some.

Simplifying Complex Transport

Transporting your K-9 unit, sometimes with additional detainees, takes strategic and technical maneuvering. Setina gets this. We have to. It’s the only way we are able to manufacture leading K-9 transport units. Our line of K-9 Transportation products are not only built upon the technological advancements, but also upon our trust and integrity as a partner with law enforcement.

Ultimate K-9 II – Front View

A New Approach

Combining Prisoner and K-9 Transport

From front to back and side to side, every turn and corner is constructed specifically with the purpose to allow your fleet to perform better. Intentional design paired with skillful manufacturing results in a comprehensive K-9 unit with strong, reliable and light-weight components. From front and rear partitions, passenger and K-9 windows, fully sealed and protective door panels and flooring, additional seating for prisoners or suspects, Setina has truly thought of maximizing every inch of your police fleet vehicle to bring forth it’s fullest potential.

A Legacy of Innovation

Our Tradition is in the Details

When developing our line of K-9 Transport products, we knew every product needed to be expertly crafted with the K-9, officer, handlers, and other detainees in mind. Each of these aspects was tediously evaluated. Attention to these details has allowed us to produce the most advanced and expertly designed K-9 units on the market today, with features woven strategically into every part to create a secure, strong, and extremely functional product for our nation’s law enforcement.

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