Setina Styles Drive the Industry
Nearly 60 Years of Excellence
Aircraft Grade Aluminum Design

That's why they're Law Enforcement's #1 Choice.

Proven Value and Performance

Regardless of how you measure your push bumper’s performance, Setina’s models are in a class by themselves. Along with a touch of the right aesthetics, Setina push bumpers are built for Maximum Performance… and just about everything else.

Setina Always Designs with Intention

The intention of providing law enforcement with Superior Push Bumper Designs, that ensure the highest quality in Durability and Performance. We know creating the most Reliable Police Fleet Equipment means understanding law enforcement and the extreme conditions our products will go through.

Setina offers models ranging from our Original, Heavy Duty to our Latest Technology “LED”s. None of our push bumper designs interfere with the SRS Airbag System.

PB450L Push Bumper

A Legacy of Innovation

A Tradition of Craftsmanship

Careful Consideration and Thoughtful Design is given to every aspect of Push Bumper performance to build solutions for law enforcement.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

•40% Lighter Weight than Steel


• A superior choice for corrosion resistance


• Optimum Fuel Economy and Weight Distribution for Better Control


• Weight Reduction Reduces Front End Fatigue


• Satisfies Auto Maker’s Concerns on front end Weight Limitations


Heavy-duty, aircraft grade aluminum construction. One-piece formed push rail design with unitized, interlocking cross support system for maximum strength & durability. Replaceable, mar-resistant, heavy-duty rubber pushing surface.

Mounting System

Heavy-duty, hot rolled steel mounting bracket system. Superior bracket edge-rounding process designed for maximum adherence of primer and powder coat finish.


All hardware meets or exceeds Automotive PPAP Corrosion Standard PS10180. All hardware is coated with ASTM-B-117, and salt-spray tested, for protection against both white and red rust.

From Beginning Assembly to Final Finish

Focus on Detail

Our 9-step OEM approved primer & exterior finish meets automaker's specifications for maximum durability.

1st Stage

Components receive an automated media blast process for maximum powder-coat adherence. 

2nd Stage

Each component is coated in an environmentally friendly zinc-free primer.

3rd Stage

Parts are finished with a durable, semi-gloss OEM approved black powder coat.

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