Front End Vehicle Protection
Your Bumper's Met its Match

The Perfect Match.

Setina Fender Guards, Together with Our Bumpers.

We all know the importance of Teamwork that you can Always Depend On. Setina Push Bumpers and Fender Guards work Perfectly Together, no matter if you are Pushing Disabled Vehicles off Roadways, Performing the “PIT” Maneuver, or if you want added Protection from costly damage to your Fenders, Grille and Headlights.

Proven Designs for Law Enforcement

Setina’s High-Strength, Impact Resistant Fender Protectors and Headlight Guards are the #1 Choice of Law Enforcement. Have confidence in knowing your vehicle has the best Front End Protection available.

Our Fender and Headlight Guards are constructed of Heavy-Duty, Light Weight Aircraft Grade Aluminum and Steel. Our Advanced, Field Tested Designs continue to provide proven Value and Performance.

PB5 Fender Guard with PB450L Push Bumper

A Legacy of Innovation

Our Tradition is in the Details

Aluminum and Steel Construction

Heavy Duty Aircraft-Grade Aluminum and Steel Construction, for Maximum Performance Heavy Duty, Light-weight, Aircraft Grade Aluminum design allows optimum corrosion resistance, and weight distribution.

Mounting System

Heavy-duty, Steel mounting bracket system. Superior bracket edge-rounding process designed for maximum adherence of primer and powder coat finish.


All hardware meets or exceeds Automotive PPAP Corrosion Standard PS10180. All hardware is coated with ASTM-B-117, and Salt-Spray tested, for protection against both white and red rust.

Our Multi-Stage “Eco-Treat” and Powder Coat Processes Protects our Environment and Exceeds Automotive OEM Standards.

1. Multi-Stage “Eco-Clene®️” Environmentally Approved Wash process for Maximum Primer and Powder-Coat Adherence.

2. Laboratory Tested “Eco-Treat®️” Sealer Exceeds Automotive PPAP Standards for Corrosion Resistance.

3. Zinc-Free Primer Tested to Exceed Automotive PPAP Corrosion Resistance Standards.

4. Durable Semi-Gloss Powder Coat Finish Tested in Accordance with Automotive Industry Standards.

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