Firearms Mounting
Versatile T-Rail Mounting Systems
Maximum Adjustability For Multiple Firearms

Universal and Small Lock

Maximum Adjustability and Flexibility

Simple Solutions for Complex Firearms

Setina’s “T-Rail” Firearms Mounting Systems provide quick, easy access to your firearms or less than lethal guns. Our Advanced Modular Design accommodates most Firearms, Scopes and Accessories, and allows our Firearms Mounting Systems to be easily converted from a Partition Mounting System to a Stand Alone Mounting System by simply adding a Stand Alone Base.

Advanced "T-Rail" Technology

Setina’s “T-Rail” technology provides maximum adjustability for multiple firearms and the flexibility to accommodate multiple lock heads.   The modular “T-Rail” design also allows your firearms system to be easily converted from partition mount to a standalone mount by simply adding a base


Modular Design

Secure firearms directly to your vehicle’s partition or use Setina’s Freestanding Base Mount. Available with single and double T-Rail weapon mounting options, as well as with multiple lock configurations.

Available Lock Options for T-Rail Mounting System

Universal XL Lock

3.25″ opening to accommodate Firearm Rail Systems.

Maximum Adjustability and Versatility.

Universal Bracket System to accommodate most optics

Small Lock

Designed for standard/unmodified Remington 870, Mossberg 500 or similar.

Secures Shotgun between Forearm Slide and Receiver.

Prevents chambering of round while in lock.

Also available with “barrel insert” to secure rifle around barrel.


Enclosed, one-piece, shroud and lock design.

Provides added protection to Critical Firearm components.

Tamper Proof Security Fasteners

Compatible with firearms accessories


Extremely versatile design can accommodate nearly any Firearm or Accessory.

High-Security contour acts as Trigger Lock while also denying access to Magazine Ejection and Take-Down Pin.

Adjustments include: breach-width, off-axis pivot, and 360 degree rotation on mounting post.

Will fit nearly any firearm with pistol grip.

Large Lock

3.25″ opening to accommodate Forearm Rail Systems.

Maximum Adjustability and Versatility.

Universal Bracket System to accommodate most optics

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