Reinforce Your Cargo Security
Setina's Got You Covered

The Cargo Tray is a Category of Its Own

A Bold New way to tackle Cargo Storage

Create more space and maximize its potential. This is the driving force behind all of Setina’s cargo storage designs, and a key component to our success. The Cargo Storage Tray is an embodiment of this principal, but with even more design considerations made especially for law enforcement.


The Cargo Storage tray not only provides more strategically designed space for your equipment, but also adds an extra layer of security for the rest of your gear. It mounts just below the rear cargo area windows of your vehicle, allowing it to protect any radio equipment, firearms, or other gear from potential break-ins.

Cargo Tray – no lid


Choose either an open tray or cargo tray lid for an extra layer of security for additional gear.


Strategically mounts to the strongest points of the storage area for a secure, rattle free design. Sits right below the cargo area windows for gear protection.


Lighter for better gas mileage and preserving vehicle suspension and driving characteristics. Stronger corrosion resistance.

Cargo Tray – with lid

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