Quality Equipment for a Stronger Team
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K-9 Kennel Systems

Quality Equipment for a Stronger Team

When you need a K-9 containment unit that does not interfere with the main cabin of the vehicle, you’ll find Setina’s K-9 Kennel System is a perfect fit. We pride ourselves in finding dynamic ways to assist law enforcement’s transportation requirements. We recognize the need for K-9 transport along with multi-prisoner detainment and have expertly developed a product that achieves both.

Bringing the Team Together

Every Consideration for Your K-9 Partner

We have developed a product that fulfills the need for multi-prisoner and K-9 transport without eliminating the safety and comfort of your K-9. Our K-9 Kennel System comes complete with as many features as our other K-9 transport products that allow for an optimal environment for your K-9, including various fan options for additional ventilation, and careful design considerations that allow for a more enjoyable ride – such as our durable rubber diamond plated mat for a no-slip grip. When creating dynamic K-9 Transport solutions for the needs of law enforcement, the requirements of your K-9 partner are never compromised.

K-9 Kennel System

Interior Features

The K-9 Kennel System comes outfitted with a non-slip rubber mat floor for additional K-9 comfort and security during transport. The floor is completely sealed in case of a fluid spill or accident.

Exterior and Construction

Light-weight, high-strength aluminum alloy. This allows for a heavy-duty unit & preserves your vehicle’s suspension and driving characteristics. Expertly welded for maximum strength & durability.

• Arrives assembled & is ready for an easy vehicle install upon delivery.

• Powder coated for mar resistance, increasing product’s longevity.

• Sliding Door Entry

• Available for full or mid size SUVs

Ventilation and Added Features

• Well ventilated, with options for a mounted fan system.

• 7.5″ and 10″ fan systems are available.

• No-Spill Water Bowls with bracket mounting kits available.

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