Cover Seat Features
  • Laser Measured for Precision Fit
  • Designed to Maintain the Optimal Rear Seat Occupant Placement
  • Molded Seat back recess provides additional space for suspect's handcuffed arms
  • Center Pull Seatbelt System
  • Easy Install
SmartBelt Center-Pull Seat Belt Features
  • Automatic Electronic Locking System
  • Retractor Locking Mode Signal Light
  • Stays in Lock Mode even during power loss
  • Quick, Easy Installation
  • Retrofit Kit Available
  • Alert Light notifies officer if Detainee becomes unbuckled
Cover Seat Specs
  • “TPO” Polymer: Heavy duty, moisture and pathogen resistant. Highest automative grade polymer (plastic) used as “the standard” by the auto industry.
  • TPO is shatter, flame, and chemical resistant and exceeds NHSTA regulations.
  • TPO is far superior to ABS plastics.
SmartBelt Center-Pull Seat Belt Specs
  • FVMSS Approved Components
  • Compatible with Replacement, Cover Style or Factory Seats