Dual Prisoner Transport
Specialty Wall Kit for Dual Passengers
Secure and Separate Transport

Convert Your Existing Partition to a Dual Prisoner Transport Partition

Dual Prisoner Divider Wall Kit

Setina’s Dual Prisoner Divider Wall Kit allows you to convert your existing partitions to a Dual Prisoner Transport System for the Separate Transport of Two Detainees. Made of Impact and Scratch Resistant Coated Polycarbonate for added strength and product longevity.


Our Dual Prisoner Divider Wall Kit is designed to Easily Mount to your Existing Prisoner Transport Partition, which separates suspects from rear cargo and front passenger and driver. (pictured right)

Setina's Innovative Mounting System

Precision Mounting is a Critical Part of Our Design

Setina is devoted to Constant Research and Technological Advances to engineer cutting edge mounting designs. Our Superior Mounting Systems are designed for Quick, Easy Installation, mounting to the strongest points inside the vehicle, creating our Space-Saver efficiency for maximum driver and passenger legroom.

Dual Prisoner Partition
with #10RP Front Partition and Rear Cargo Partition

Coated Scratch-Resistant Polycarbonate

Prolongs polycarbonate life & clarity. Backed by a 7-year limited warranty against yellowing, abrasion, breakage, & coating failure. Our Coated Polycarbonate is Completely Transparent for Maximum Driver Visibility.


All Setina Dual Prisoner Transport Partitions have ventilation holes, allowing for proper airflow for both passengers. Ventilation holes are blocked to prevent prisoner contact and hiding or transferring of contraband.

Dual Prisoner Transport Panel Kit

All Setina products are compatible with the Dual Prisoner Partition, allowing you to create a total solution for your dual prisoner transport. Customize your own Dual Prisoner Transport Panel Kit:

 12VS Rear Cargo Partition

• Front Partition (multiple styles available)

• TPO Prisoner Transport Seats

• Window Barriers (steel or polycarbonate available)

• TPO Door Guards

Dual Prisoner Partition

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