Replacement Seating
Replaces the OEM Factory Seat
Pushing Technology Forward

Setina OEM "Replacement" Seating

Designed for Maximum Rear Passenger Legroom

Setina understands Law Enforcement’s need for space, ease of access and perfect fit – it’s all reflected in our OEM “Replacement” Seating Design. Professionally Engineered to provide Maximum Rear Passenger Legroom, as well as Easier Prisoner Loading and Unloading. Available with our Advanced, Center-Pull System or our Newest Electronic “SmartBelt” System.

Laboratory Tested "Center Pull" Seat Belt Systems

Laboratory testing is a Critical Part of Seat Belt Design and Performance. Setina’s unique Center Pull Seat Belt Systems are Professionally Designed and Laboratory tested to meet the rigorous 207/210 FMVSS, Federal Seat Belt Safety Standards. Our Advanced Design eliminates the need for the officer to reach across the suspect when belting, significantly reducing officer contact with the rear passenger.

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Replacement Seating

With Center-Pull Seat Belt System

SmartBelt Center-Pull Seatbelt System

Our FMVSS 207/10 Compliant Center Pull Seat Belt System eliminates the need for the officer to reach across the suspect when buckling seat belt, significantly reducing officer contact with the rear seat occupant.


"Next Generation" in Center-Pull Seat Belt System Design

Setina’s New “SmartBelt” System is the latest technology in Center Pull Seat Belt design. SmartBelt’s electronic seatbelt retractor system eliminates the officer’s need to manually actuate the locking mechanism to activate the restraint mode. SmartBelt allows the officer to simply situate the passenger and buckle. The retractors automatically sense when to lock to secure the detainee. SmartBelt comes with a Safety Alert signaling system, alerting the officer if the retractor becomes unbuckled and is out of restraint mode.

• Automatic Electronic Locking System


• Retractor Locking Mode Signal Light


• Stays in Lock Mode even during power loss


• FVMSS Approved Components


• Quick, Easy Installation


• Compatible with Replacement, Cover Style and some Factory Seats


• Retrofit Kit available

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