Winch-Ready Bumpers
Heavy-Duty Design
Field Tested and Approved

Light Weight, Heavy Duty

Extra-Tough and Winch-Ready

Setina’s heavy-duty, winch-ready push bumpers are designed and tested to perform in the most rugged conditions. Our winch-ready bumpers are constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum to be extra-tough as well as lightweight for optimum performance. Choose between the original PB400 Series bumper design (available in steel or aluminum) or Setina’s winch-ready push bumpers with the latest “LED” perimeter lighting technology (available in aluminum only).

Put Setina's Winch-Ready Push Bumpers to Work.

Built for extreme conditions and rugged terrain, you can invest in a Setina winch ready push bumper with absolute confidence. Tough bumpers designed for tough work, upfit your heavy-duty trucks for the next job.

LED Lighted Winch-Ready Truck Push Bumper
(shown with PB8 Fender Guard – sold separately)

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Winch Ready Bumper

Heavy Duty Design

Setina Heavy-Duty Winch Bumpers

(Winch not included; Designed for 8,000 lb. winch)


• Interlocked, Welded Cross Support System


• Rugged Mar-Resistant Solid Core Rubber Push Pads.


• Heavy-Duty, steel mounting bracket system. Superior bracket edge-rounding process designed for maximum adherence of primer and powder coat finish.


• 3 Step, OEM Grade Primer and Powder Coat Finish for Maximum Durability.


• Available with or without LED Lighting System


• Front Mounted Winch requires a Winch Plate - Sold separately

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