450L "LED" Lighted Push Bumpers
Pushing the limits of value and performance.
Advanced Technology Design

Designed to be Noticed

Optimum Front End Lighting Placement

Setina Push Bumpers offer the latest technology in “LED” perimeter lighting. Designed to integrate Aesthetically and Functionally with today’s evolving police vehicle designs. These are super-tough, ultra-compact LED lights that are optimal for integrated Push Bumper mounting. The PB450L is completely factory pre-assembled and wired for quick and easy installation. Wiring is protected within the push bumper assembly.

Expertly Designed using Setina's Advanced Manufacturing Technology. Proudly Made in America.

The PB450L is a long ways from our first bumper in the 1970’s, but innovation will always define Setina’s Push Bumper series, establishing them as the most respected and versatile bumpers in law enforcement technology. Often imitated, never outperformed.

PB450L SUV Push Bumper
(shown with PB5 Fender Guard – sold separately)

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PB450L Push Bumper

Customized Integrated Warning Lights

Available Fender Guards for the PB450L

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Bodyguard PB5

Bodyguard PB6

Bodyguard PB8

Bodyguard PB9

Bodyguard PB10

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