Field Tested Double Bar Design
Proven Value and Performance

Heavy Duty PB9 "P.I.T." Design with Headlight Protection

PB10 Impact Resistant Fender & Headlight Guards

Designed to incorporate all of the benefits of the PB9 Double Bar Fender Protecting “P.I.T.” Design with headlight protection. The PB10 offers fender protection as well as a safeguard for the front headlights & turn signal lamps. The Contoured Steel Bars are designed to match your vehicle’s front profile.

Our PB10 is Designed for Protecting Your Vehicle

From any element you encounter while on duty. Whether it’s a traffic collision, debris or performance during a Controlled Vehicle Disabling P.I.T. Maneuver. When you’re equipped with the PB10 you can operate with confidence.

PB10 Design Features

  • Upper Headlight Guards constructed of 1.25″ Steel Tubing.  Available in Single Headlight Guards for Passenger Vehicles or Double Headlight Guards
    for SUV’S


  • Double Bar P.I.T. Fender Guards, constructed of Heavy Duty Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy for Maximum Strength.


  • Rugged Mar-Resistant Solid Core Rubber Push Pads.


  • Heavy-Duty, steel mounting bracket system. Superior bracket edge-rounding process designed for maximum adherence of primer and powder coat finish.


  • Our Multi-Stage “Eco-Treat” and Powder Coat Processes Protects our Environment and Exceeds Automotive OEM Standards.

PB10 with PB450L Push Bumper for Cars

PB10 with PB450L Push Bumper for SUV’s

Our Standards

Stage 1

Components receive an Automated Media Blast Process for Maximum Powder Coat Adherence.

Stage 2

Multi-Stage “Eco-Clene®” Environmentally Approved Wash process for Maximum Primer and Powder Coat Adherence.

Stage 3

Laboratory Tested “Eco-Treat®” Sealer Exceeds Automotive PPAP Standards for Corrosion Resistance.

Stage 4

Environmentally Friendly Zinc-Free Primer Tested to Exceed Automotive PPAP Corrosion Resistance Standards.

Stage 5

Durable Semi-Gloss Powder Coat Finish in Accordance with Automotive Industry S4214 Method D559 for UV Protection and against Fade.

All Mounting hardware meets or exceeds Automotive PPAP Corrosion Standard PS10180. All Hardware is coated with ASTM-B-117, and salt-Spray tested, for protection against both white and red rust.

Available Push Bumpers for the PB10

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(Shown on SUV Bumper)


(Shown on SUV Bumper)

Winch Bumper

(Shown on SUV Bumper)

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