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Preferred by Law Enforcement

Professionally Designed and Tested with EVOC Drivers

PB5 Impact Resistant Fender & Headlight Guards

Setina has a history of Designing our Products with Intention. The Intention of providing Law Enforcement Officers with a Multi-Purpose Design, to provide Optimal Fender Protection during their everyday duties, and Maximum Performance during a controlled vehicle disabling P.I.T. Maneuver. In addition to adding structural support and strength for the push bumper, our PB5 also provides a sleek, low profile design for your vehicle.

Patent No. US 6,113,164

PB5 with PB450L Push Bumper

• Boxed extruded aluminum alloy construction for Maximum Strength.


• Rugged Mar-Resistant Solid Core Rubber Push Pads.


• Heavy-Duty, steel mounting bracket system. Superior bracket edge-rounding process designed for maximum adherence of primer and powder coat finish.


• Multi-Stage OEM Approved Primer & Exterior Finish Meets Automaker’s Specifications for Maximum Durability:

Stage 1   

Components receive an automated Media Blast Process for Maximum Powder Coat Adherence.

Stage 2   

Each Component is coated with an Environmentally Friendly Zinc-Free Primer.

Stage 3

Components are finished with a durable, semi-gloss, OEM Approved, Black Powder Coat finish.


• All Mounting hardware meets or exceeds Automotive PPAP Corrosion Standard PS10180. All hardware is coated with ASTM-B-117, and Salt-Spray tested, for protection against both white and red rust.

Available Push Bumpers for the PB5

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(Shown on Sedan Bumper)


(Shown on Sedan Bumper)

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